Experian – Holiday Spending Survival Guide

Shop Thoughtfully and Purposefully

Once you’ve split out your overall funds and you know what you have to work with per-head (more or less), you can start to think about the ideal gift for each recipient. If you’re a natural gift-giver, this might be where your thought process starts  and it’s now simply a matter of fitting those ideas into your freshly formed budget. You’ll also be able to identify the stores that you can check these gifts off your list and look for special offers to save even more there, during the season. Some of these offers also offer or combine with free shipping or other incentives at peak times.

Alternatively, you might think about starting your shopping for holiday gifts early next year – like, ridiculously early. You might follow the example of the friend who shares on social in September that they just bought their last holiday gift. While a departure from the norm, it means that you can be truly selective and shop the best sales of the entire year, not just the weeks that make up the holiday shopping season. Consider how playing the long game when it comes to holiday shopping could help you bring smiles to everyone on your list.

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