Experian Holiday Spending Survival Guide

Cut Down Your Overall List Of Gifting

Have you committed yourself to an unrealistically long shopping list? Don’t be afraid to reevaluate and make some trims – especially if you’re part of a big family gifting pattern that means having to find something for each person individually. Being able to gift to couples or families things they might enjoy together can often have more impact as well as save you time and money. You may also consider dropping a few folks from the gifts category down to holidays cards only.

With the advent of the e-card, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to keep in touch with those both far and near. I remember in our house, holiday cards were a very manual, multi-step process each fall. But my mom kept notations in her book of who she received cards from each year so she could track who she was in communication with her, so her (and our) efforts wouldn’t be wasted.

Actively Work To Cut Your Stress Levels

Practicing some self-care during the business of holiday time is never a bad idea. Thinking back to stressful holiday seasons of the past, recall the moments that were the most frustrating. Was it the interminable waits at the post office to ship packages with rush shipping? Was it a last minute trip to the mall to shop for surprise gifts off shelves that had already been picked clean? Do what you can now to be planful and avoid the tension of last minute work that can send your carefully constructed budget into a tailspin, right before Santa’s arrival.

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