Experian – Holiday Spending Survival Guide

It’s no secret that holiday-time can be stressful for many people. While it’s the season that fills calendars with food, family and gatherings, that can also mean host of additional expenses to balance and budget for. If you’re working to avoid starting off the New Year with a credit hangover, you might already be making more progress than you think toward a calmer and less frantic holiday season this year.

As the season picks up steam, make sure your plan to keep your finances on track includes some of these key ideas:

Set Financial Goals That Make Sense For You

If you have dozens of close family members to buy gifts for, your budget picture will look very different from someone who gifts primarily to a friend group. Deck your gifting plan against a maximum dollar amount you’re comfortable spending to see how what you’re working with can split against the number of gifts you’ll need to buy. When you tally your gift count, don’t forget to build in a few extras, too – the hostess gifts for parties you might be planning to attend.

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